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Baum Hydraulics Corp

Baum Hydraulics, located in Omaha Nebraska, has been a Wholesale Distributor and Customer Driven company for over 140 years. When the settlers started moving west, Baum provided horeshoes, anvils, wooded spokes to wagons and buckboards. In the 1950s Baum began to offer the Red Book Catalog of Hydraulics for the first time, and by the mid-60s Baum was in the ball bearing business as well as providing hydraulics and power transmissions.

In 1969 the Red Book became a registered name for the Baum Iron Catalog.

In 1970 customers wanted quick answers by telephone, Baum Iron became one of the first to offer a Toll Free 800 number.

In 1982 customers required technical information. Experienced outbound and inbound specialists provided knowledge to customers free of charge.

In 1989 customers want to fax orders or quotes any time of the day or night. Baum Iron answered with a Toll Free, 24hr, Fax service along with its Toll Free Watts lines.

As the world progresses, Baum still provides all of these innovative services. Continuing the tradition of staying in the modern age, Baum stepped up to the plate with a customer-friendly website.

In the year 2000 the company became Baum Hydraulics Corporation and now sells nationwide.

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